White Paper: Sensory Analysis of Hydrocolloids in Gluten-Free Cornbread

Hydrocolloid systems perform better than xanthan gum alone



While xanthan gum is commonly used to manipulate the texture and batter stability of gluten-free baked sweet goods, the resulting products are not always as appealing to consumers as the gluten-containing formulations.

Using the Texture Revolution process for describing food texture, our Gum Gurus® identified the textural attributes that can be manipulated by using gums and then developed a gum system that targeted those attributes. Ticaloid® GF 313 leverages hydrocolloid synergies and targets those textural attributes lost when switching from a gluten-containing formulation to a gluten-free product.

Inside this white paper:

  • Texture profiles comparing cornbread formulated with no stabilizer, xanthan gum alone, or Ticaloid® GF 313
  • Lexicon of Texture Revolution terms of key textural attributes

Download the White Paper