Plant-Based Cashew Yogurt

Simplistica® YG 3206

Simplistica YG 3206 leverages faba bean concentrate and stabilizers to optimize vegan yogurt fortified with protein. We will be sampling a turmeric flavored, cashew-based yogurt alternative that delivers five grams of protein. 

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Vegan Gummies

TICorganic® Ticagel® GC-553

TICorganic Ticagel GC-553 is an organic solution to stabilize and control syneresis in gummies fortified with nutritional oils. We will be sampling a vegan gummy to showcase an ideal, gelatin-free delivery system for a variety of fortified oils.

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Non-Dairy Mango Cardamom Frozen Dessert

Dairyblend Natural IC 21

Dairyblend Natural IC 21 is a label friendly stabilizer blend that provides freeze/thaw stability, emulsification and mouthfeel to premium grades of dairy and non-dairy frozen desserts. It is a versatile blend that allows for simpler labeling as it can be used without added mono & di-glycerides.

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Matcha Tea

Matcha Instant Protein Shake

Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth CL

Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL targets texture in dairy and non-dairy instant protein beverages. This label-friendly hydrocolloid system suspends and stabilizes protein shakes and meal replacers while also improving mouth coating.

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